Sometimes you need to reach beyond the limited geographic scope of a traditional call center to find the talent you need. With CloudSource you can open your recruiting pool up to the globe. Define any specific skill set you want and we will find those individuals in large numbers. Using CloudSource with your traditional brick & mortar centers can give you the best of all worlds.

Unlimited Talent Pool

You get access to the very best talent via our precision talent targeting and selection science and better talent means better customer experience and better KPI’s

State-of-the-Art Remote Training

We can deliver the most sophisticated training with cutting-edge tools and processes that will deliver exceptional performance.

Flexible Scheduling

You get Burstable Capacity to handle sudden changes in your call volumes by leveraging a distributed workforce with built in elasticity & scheduling agility

  • You can choose a 100% virtual model or a hybrid hub & spoke model to leverage existing contact center investments

WAH Optimized Operations

Our CloudSource consultants are employees dedicated to your program, not shared with other companies, and they are driven to exceed your KPI targets

  • You get virtual workforce spread across the country or globe minimizing any disaster recovery issues you might have in a specific geographic location
  • You will experience a more loyal, higher quality and much happier workforce that doesn’t leave you after you’ve invested in them
  • CloudSource is good for the environment, eliminating the cost, traffic hassles and pollution related to a commute.

The Widest Net

We leverage the reach of the internet to throw the widest net possible finding the top performers for you

Talent Targeting

We can literally use hundreds of job-board’s, forums, and profile-specific websites to track down and find the A-Players across hundreds of millions of candidates globally

The Best Selection

We use the latest, state-of-the-art, scientific screening tools to screen our vast applicant pool down to the very best performers

Streamlined Interviewing and Onboarding

We use automation to filter through large numbers of candidates to find the best talent for you

Top Performance

By finding the best possible talent, we insure the best KPI performance

  • Increased Satisfaction Scores - higher caliber, more experienced agents result in better customer experience, better NPS/CSAT, better FCR
  • Better Sales – Achieve higher average order value (AOV) and conversion rate by FanSourcingTM – finding the fans or your product or service to be your agent
  • Lower attrition - Since our agents can select flexible schedules while still covering all your calls they are happier and stay in their jobs longer resulting in more tenured, experienced agents
  • Higher Attendance - No drive time & no weather means it’s a lot easier to get to work
  • Better Service Levels & Schedule Adherence – our model allows us to get people on the phone when you need and off when you don’t

Instructor Led Virtual Training

State-of-the-art Instructor-led virtual training tools and processes support real-time collaboration, training, remote engagement and rich interaction.

Classes have plenty of support, including additional assistance inside and outside of class, robust nesting programs, and daily recaps & reviews.

Curriculum Optimized for Remote Learning

We work with our clients to develop the right mix of instructor led training and self-paced, e-learning combined with our Scenario Based Training approach that produces better graduates.

Our processes are flexible and collaborative- we can also leverage client’s current virtual training and trainer certification processes.

Learning Management System

Cutting-edge Learning Management System and e-Learning tools and processes support cradle-to-grave management of learning.

Our LMS is fully SCORM compliant and AICC compatible. It serves as our CloudSource Consultants’ One-Stop-Shop for accessing, completing, and reporting on their learning progress.

Mobile enabled training

Push training modules via our LMS to where today’s employees are –> on their smartphone and tablets.

VILT ProgramTM

Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) program provides Sutherland’s certified e-trainers with progressive levels providing a career path to become a Master Remote Trainer.

Our Master trainers are not just experts in training technology- they’re experts in maximizing learning engagement and retention levels in the virtual classroom.

Flexible Self-scheduling

Our approach allows our agents to select their own schedules by selecting micro-shifts while fulfilling every interval for our clients.

Burstable Capacity

Our part-time home agents have excess hours in their week that they can deliver when needed.

Scheduling Agility

No drive time means we can flex our agents on and off the phone easily and quickly.

Rapid Response

Because our agents are at home with many working part-time schedules, we can flex up or down our hours significantly with short notice.

Employee Interface

Our employees are able to view, select and change their schedules from their smartphones, tablets or computers either at home or while out and about.

Instant Communication

We can quickly communicate with our employees to flex them on or off work.

Better Utilization

Our part-time model reduces unproductive time and delivers more value to our clients.

Dedicated Employees

We use employees that are trained on and dedicated to your program, not shared Independent Contractors.

Traditional Processes Leveraged

We use many of the same best practices from our substantial brick & mortar operations such as quality monitoring, continuous coaching, development, and role playing.

Minimized Disaster Recovery

Since our agents are spread across the continent, weather events, power outages and other disasters don’t have a significant impact on your operation.

Gamified Performance Feedback

We provide real-time feedback on performance and we make it fun to motivate and drive KPI focus in a remote environment.

Continuous Collaboration

We stay in touch with our agents throughout the day with various chat & video sessions with their management, SME’s and peers.

Satisfied Employees

A satisfied employee produces a satisfied customer and our employees are more satisfied because:

  • No Commute - save 1-2 hours per day.
  • No Commuting or Parking Cost – could save over a $1000/yr.
  • No Wardrobe or Dry-Cleaning cost – save up to $300/yr.
  • Schedule Flexibility – Your agents can tailor their schedule to their lives.
  • No Boundaries – Your agents can move wherever they want and still have a job with CloudSource.
  • Special needs employees are welcome.

Online Technology Assessment

Remotely test candidate PC and Broadband connection with the click of a button to assess readiness to work from home.


One click to install all system software and utilities to become a virtual consultant.

Thin Client Option

We can deploy thin client equipment to remote agents for an additional cost.

High QOS Virtual Telephony

VIOP telephony solution allows us to reach the maximum number of households, especially as “landlines” become extinct in our homes.

Robust Security Solution

PCI/Sox compliant, top security using employee provided PC’s or company provided thin clients with locked-down virtual desktop.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Dual-factor authentication is standard with additional authentication factors available.

Secure-Call Credit Card and PII Solution

Completely secure information exchange over the phone protecting credit card and other sensitive data.

Drive to work expenses How far did you have to drive to work for your last job?
  • Less then 10 miles
  • 10-20 miles
  • 20-40 miles
  • More then 40 miles
Dress code expenses What was your style of dress for that job?
  • Uniform
  • Jeans
  • Business Casual
  • Office Attire
Dry cleaning expenses Did you use dry cleaning at all?
  • Yes
  • No
Parking expenses What did you do for parking?
  • Free
  • Meter / Lot
  • Parking Garage
Food expenses What did you do for lunch?
  • Bag lunch every day
  • Bag lunch 4 days, bought 1 day
  • Bag lunch/bought lunch 50%
  • Bought lunch every day
Total savings Total Savings

About Us

Sutherland Global Services was established in 1986 and has grown to become a global leader in Business Process Outsourcing, taking care of customer interactions and other business processes for our Fortune 500 customers.

Headquartered in Rochester, N.Y., Sutherland is one of the world's largest independent BPO companies employing over 30,000+ professionals across 40+ operation centers and virtually through our CloudSource program with business operations located in Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Colombia, Egypt, India, Jamaica, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Since inception, Sutherland has remained laser-focused on a single mission: to help our clients maximize their customer experience and increase their competitive advantage by helping them be more effective and efficient.

For more information about Sutherland Global Services, please visit www.sutherlandglobal.com

Employment Details

What do I need to be able to work for CloudSource?

You will need a quiet, distraction-free place from which to work that includes a door. It is important to note that working from home is not a replacement for child/elder care. In addition, you will need to have a PC that meets our minimum requirements and a high-speed broadband account that meets our throughput tests.

How much does CloudSource pay?

CloudSource remote workers enjoy a pay rate that is very competitive in the work at home industry. There are two methods of payment CloudSource offers their employees; direct deposit or the ADP TotalPay debit card.

How does scheduling work at CloudSource?

While this can vary from client to client, most of our CloudSource Consultants enjoy flexible schedules within various shift offerings based partially on their performance and dedication. Although client needs will be at the forefront of scheduling we make every effort to offer the best opportunities and flexibility to our consultants.

Do I have to pay for Training?

No. CloudSource remote workers are "direct-hire" employees, so you are paid for training, unlike being an independent contractor where you not only pay for training, but are not guaranteed a position even if you pass.

Can I work for CloudSource if I already work for another Work at Home company?

As a direct hire employee, if you work for CloudSource, you can't work for another work at home company as it may be a conflict of interest.

Can I work for more than one client at a time?

CloudSource doesn't use a "shared-agent" model, so when you are assigned to a client, you will be 100% dedicated to that client.

What if I don’t like the client I’ve been hired for?

At CloudSource, we take our commitments to our clients very seriously and we ask that you help us do that by standing by your commitments to us when you commit to a client program. CloudSource allows you to transfer to another available position once you’ve been on your current client program for six months or more and have been in good standing during that time.

Does CloudSource provide benefits to its remote workers?

Yes, CloudSource offers the same benefits to remote workers who are full-time employees and offers a basic 401k package for part-time workers.

I use mobile broadband or satellite for my internet connection; will that work?

Unfortunately not, high-speed cable or DSL internet connection is a must. We do not support mobile broadband, satellite or wireless at this time.

What types of positions are available at CloudSource?

The majority of the work at home positions are part time, with occasional full time positions opening up. The opportunities continue to expand as client demand and need changes throughout the year. In most positions there are opportunities that become available with occasional possibilities for advancement. CloudSource is one of the very few work at home companies that promotes its remote workers into management positions if they demonstrate the dedication and flexibility we require of a Sutherland Manager.

Does CloudSource require background or credit checks?

CloudSource requires a criminal background check of all remote workforce employees. Additionally, some clients may ask for an additional screening for credit. You will be informed if this additional requirement is needed for the position you are applying for during the interview process.

Employment Requirements

Aspects of our minimum home office requirements vary depending on program. For example, some programs require consultants to provide a Windows computer, some require Macintosh, while others are supported by devices provided by Sutherland Global Services. In all cases, a consultant’s work environment, in-house network, and connection to the Internet must continuously support outstanding call quality and high speed interactive response rates.


Generally speaking, the faster the upload and download speed of your Internet connection, the more likely you will meet these very important conditions. Minimum Internet access speeds of 1 Mbps upload and 5 Mbps download are required to meet our quality standards. Wireless and/or satellite Internet Service Providers are NOT compatible with our systems. When an employee connects to the Internet, the upload and download speeds experienced will vary based on a variety of factors including the configuration of a employee’s computer, the number of concurrent users/devices connected to the employee’s household network, the types of devices that are connected, the speed of the websites employee or others in the household are accessing, network or Internet congestion outside of the household, connection devices (routers/modems/etc.) provided by the employee or the Internet Service Provider, and many other variables. Speeds and uninterrupted use of Internet services are typically not guaranteed by Internet Service Providers. During peak hours, actual upload and download speeds will likely be lower than speeds promised to in "as fast as" packages offered by Internet Service Providers. Sutherland Global Services cannot predict with certainty that the results from a speed test will, in fact, support the outstanding call quality or interactive speeds requirements our CloudSource employees need.


  • Dual Core or Quad Core processing environment with minimum processor speed of 1.6 Ghz required (the faster the processing environment the better)
  • 2 to 4 GB RAM depending on program (the more RAM the better)
  • 10 GB available hard drive space
  • One or more available USB ports (2.0 or greater)
  • Sound card installed and enabled
  • Windows 7, Windows 8 or 8.1, and Windows 10


  • USB
  • Dual ear (designed to minimize audio interference from outside sources)
  • Noise cancelling microphone

We tested numerous USB headsets that are available for less than $40. We recommend the following USB headsets:

  • Plantronics PLNAUDIO478 USB
  • Logitech USB H570e
  • Jabra UC VOICE 150